Best Monero Casinos

We all know what Bitcoin is and how it changed the financial world on what we know of it today. Crypto currencies are taking the world by storm due to their liquidity and anonymity it provides. The success of Bitcoin, in general, had led the way to a lot of businesses opening online and a lot of “Alt-Coins” that aspire to be as good and circulated as them. With this being said, one of the coins that sprung up is Monero (XMR), which some call the “best crypto currency” to date?

Monero, works “differently” from the traditional Bitcoin network. With Bitcoin, all transactions are transparent, making it one of the most secure crypto currencies every conceived, and of course, the first of its own. With Monero, that transparency can be adjusted, which means that you are able to either make any transaction public or hide the transaction if you wish to do so. If you want to read more about Monero, just click on this link.

Online Casinos that accept Monero

Due to the popularity of Monero in the crypto currency world, it is not a surprise that people are also using it as a currency for online casinos today. Though not all casinos accept Monero, we can still find a few decent ones to place wagers at. Below are the websites that accept Monero as one of the currencies that can be deposited.

We will be looking into these mentioned websites above today.

Monero Gambling with

One of the websites that accept Monero as a currency would be If you have a ton of Monero that you are willing to gamble or play with then this would be the perfect website for you! Not only do they have casino games, but you are able to bet on live sports events depending on the country that you are in! How awesome is that? What I love about is the fact that they have the weirdest games that you are able to gamble with. To name a few, they’ve got Rock-Paper-Scissors game, and Thimble games, yes, Thimble.

If you want an online casino that has variety, then this is the place to be! Games

The available games to bet at are just awesome! So, for us to avoid confusion, we will be talking about their regular games and the awesome live games they have ready for the taking. First on the list would be the regular games. Here you are of course, able to play regular slot games through their “Slots” tab. The slot tab contains a selection of game providers, choose the most familiar one for you and start choosing the slot game you wish to play with. They do have a crazy amount of names to choose from, so just go with the familiar ones! They do also have a separate tab for Poker, which you are able to directly see at their home page.

The “Weird” games such like Rock-Paper-Scissors, Thimbles, and Russian roulette can be found under their “Games” Tab. Live Games

Now, this is where the fun starts! Not only do they have casino games, they also have live sports games such as Ice Hockey, Rugby, FIFA, Basketball, Volleyball, and much more! Remember, this would also reflect the famous games being played in your country. Some countries like the Philippines have their own special games, including, the infamous Derby Cock Fights, which you are able to see and wager upon. You are also able to watch live eSports tournaments depending on the currently running event.

Of course, aside from the games that have been mentioned above for, they also have a wide range of Live Casino Games which you are able to choose from. The available games are as follows, Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker; they even have a separate tab for the Gentleman! Not something that everyone would welcome, but hey, we’re just humans. You can access the different game providers through their “Live Casino” tab and choose which ones you like best, or just go through them all and go into the tables that you feel interested in. Bonuses

Here at, you get back a part of what you have been depositing, who doesn’t want that? They have 100% Bet insurance, Unlimited Cash back Bonus (you get something bad regardless if you win or lose a bet), bet accumulators, All-year-round promotions, and a lot more! You can read more about their promotions and current bonuses here. Conclusion

They have a myriad of games to choose from! Not to mention, they offer games such as lottery and cock fighting, awesome right? They also have two full pages of live casino games wherein you are able to jump into each game and just observe the table before playing for real money or currency. What I like about this website is not the layout, but the options they offer. People can get easily hesitant when it comes to betting in online casinos, due to the number of options they get. Here at, you wouldn’t get that feeling as you are able to choose from hundreds of games.

Monero Gambling with has been operating since 2014, with their stable operation; it is not a surprise that this website of limited choices is still around until this day. They do not offer any live games, but they instead offer stable game selections that you are able to come back to if you’re looking for a website that has the basic games for gambling. To start playing a game, you just need to visit their website, click on the available tabs and choose which currency you want to use to put a wager at. Games

Here att, you are able to choose from seven major tabs. These tabs are Dice, Slot, Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker, Plinko, and Lottery. The Dice game they have is similar to the ones that you usually see in Dice game websites out there today. The automated dice works just as what other websites offer and this is the one wherein you are able to choose your bet size, adjust your payout depending on how much you are willing to bet on, and of course, play with auto bet if you want to.

There is also one available Slot games you are able to play with. The slot game available here at Cryptogames would be the traditional slot game you usually see. They of course have Blackjack, who doesn’t want to play Blackjack? They do not have any spin offs of the game but it surely is enough to pacify your Blackjack needs. For their Video Poker tab, they have Jacks or Better. You can read more about here.

Aside from the mentioned games above, they also have a lottery game but sadly they do not accept Monero as a currency for their Lotto game. The only accepted currencies would be Bitcoin, Doge, Etherium, and Litecoin. Conclusion

The website is straightforward and needs a lot more options to choose from! But I guess that is not the goal of this website. They strive for their simplicity, which can be seen on how many years they have been already operating. The only problem I see about their website is that they do not offer FREE PLAY, which is not good in my book.

Monero Gambling with

As you might have imagined, the website doesn’t offer any games but only Dice. They have an automated dice system wherein you are able to choose your specific bet amount, win chance, and get a quotation of your payout depending on how much you are betting. An automated dice system works just like lottery, but more power to your hands as a person who puts up the wagers. Here at, you do not need to create an account if you want to play, you just need to create a screen name and an account will be made for you.

The account created can be setup and things like referrals can be earned and two-factor authentication can also be added to the account. They also have a live chat room wherein you are able to chat with fellow players of the website.

Monero Gambling with

Just like the mentioned casino before this, is a website dedicated to one game only, and this is Dice. The website was created by a Monero Core member, making it one of the very first Monero-accepting websites out there today that is still operating. You can read more about their FAQ’s here.

The website is pretty straightforward; you get to play one game, as mentioned above. To start playing the Dice game, you need to create an account with them first. Creating an account is as easy as eating pumpkin pie, so this should really not be that hard. Once you have created an account you just need to log in and you’re ready to go!

The website has live stats to where you can see the daily bets that go through their website. This data can be really helpful for people that want to tweak their auto-bet system. What you see is what you get; this is what it is all about here at

Monero Gambling with

Have you ever seen an online casino website that offers a crypto currency exchange? I bet you haven’t yet until now! Yes, is an online casino website with limited game choices and an exchange at the same time. They are not affiliated with the popular site Luckycoiner. An account is easily created with this website, so do not hesitate to create one so that you are able to look into their features better.

They offer three active games, since one (Cells) is not working. The active games available are Balls, Dice, and Roulette, not that much if you ask me. This is probably one of the things that I noticed about this website. Though this is balanced with the website design (which I like) it is still lacking all the options that an online casino should have.

Aside from the mentioned games above, and the exchange they make, you are also able to chat with other players while you are playing. Chatting with other players might seem useless when it comes to gambling, but you sometimes get crucial wager tips on public chat boxes like this.

The website is run with Provably Fair and they also have player contests that run throughout the year. Websites such as are the ones that stay true to what they believe in and do not venture beyond what an online casino is expected to have, which is variety. Not my type of casino, but still efficient enough to operate and get people using their games on a daily basis.

As already mentioned above, I am not a fan of website designs such as this. I would rather play at a casino that has crazy numbers of games than stick with a website that has fixed options. But still, this is a decent website that is worth your time visiting.

Monero Gambling with

There are actually more than a dozen Dice websites out there today that specialize in one game only, and that is Dice. One of those websites would be Though the options might be vast, there are only a handful of websites that accept your Monero currency. Here at, you are able to play with your Monero and have the chance to triple your deposited money.

To start playing their dice game, you just need to create an account with them. Creating an account is not a problem (like most of the online casino websites) and you are good to go! The dice game is very similar to automated dice games out there today. You can choose your bet amount, and percentage of winnings and even tweak it to work automatically for you. Aside from the dice game, you are also able to get free Moneros from them every two minutes.

If you ask me, the website design is really dull. It doesn’t please me at all and the only reason why I see people play on this website is due to the Monero faucet it has. They do have a referral system, which is nice but they lack promotions and of course, the most important thing of an online casino, options!

Monero Casinos Conclusion

In the real world, wherever you might be in the world, any casino would accept US Dollars. Why? Because this currency is being accepted and used around the globe! This is just the same with Monero and online casinos today. Since the currency isn’t that strong yet compared to its big brother “Bitcoin”, you would find it hard to look for websites that accept this currency. Though we’ve already taken a look at the websites that accept Monero as of this day, it wouldn’t be that far until we see more websites that accept Monero as a gambling currency.